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Originally Posted by odie21spore View Post
This was not just the only time Amiga was sold, it was first bought by Commodore International way back in then. When Commodore International went bankrupt it was bought by Escom on 1994. Then in 1996 it was sol again to Gateway 2000 then in 1999 amiga was sold again to Amino Development.
Yep, was there when it all ended, sold off, bought, sold etc, false promises, ignoring the end user etc.

I really hope noone buys the name and McEwen goes bankrupt as the Amiga brand has had 15 years of just crap with whomever has owned her.

I wish Amiga were sold to someone responsible like, Jens, Toni, Michael Böhmer, Dave Haynie (you get the picture) for the princely sum of 1 Euro.....

/dream mode off
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