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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Definitely not when I'm involved. I need to pay wages, taxes, I'm WEEE registered, I need to make a living myself, and I have a house to pay for. Further, I'd never give so many user options that cause a huge customer support mess: No SD-Ram socket, no PCI slots. Plain card with everything assembled and guaranteed, that's the only way to create hardware that works "no questions asked" and "no support required".

True plug&play is what I want to deliver, only this will give an experience that will make people come back to us. And I want people to come back to buy more, not to claim warranty or support for something they already have :-)

Jens, are you sure you should be in the Amiga market? I see you create nice hardware but also seem to have a very level head and your feet on the ground regarding the realities of running a business.

This is not the way it's done around here. Could you please announce some pie-in-the-sky products that will change everyone's life or something in the near future. And never build them. We can then get back to the usual reality. Many thanks.
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