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There are about 2 ECS demos in the world.

If you mean OCS, well it's too hard, can't choose, too many

I like coders. Tai-Pan, Delta, Mahoney, Crazy Typer, DreamWeaver, TEC, Promax, Mr. Mega Mind, Tomas Landspurg (Digital Wizard), Slayer, Freddy, and of course Shark the Master

If you like dreamy demos/music, well, Dreamscape, Vectrex, or any of Landspurg's demos. He always put the best music in his demos...grr...

I also like Arte, Desert Dream, Hardwired etc. of course, they came after I left Amiga but they are nice to watch.

For AGA, I will pass that on to those who know more about that. For AGA/060, Starstruck is nice of course

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