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Hi all ^.^/,
Peter pointed me in the direction of this forum.

15 years ago I made a few shareware games with Blitz Basic II v1.7 programming language.
Last week Peter contacted me and asked question if I still had full version of my game called ‘HydroZone’. Well, all good news, I have .

Last year I powered up my Amiga 1200 for the first time in over 10 years and transferred the lot to my PC’s Amiga Emulator. I have had plan to release the full versions of my games to the community for some time now, but it’s one of them things I just did not get round in doing.
This forum has given me some positive reason to get my bum in action and get them out the door.

This week I’ve been playing around with a more up to date version of BlitzBasicII. I've found it’s now open source and is being updated by a new group calling it AmiBlitz. I’ve been having a poke around with that on my PC emulator tweaking my games ready for release with it.

I’ll release my games one by one. I have ‘Wired Chaos’ and a sequel to ‘HydroZone’ called ‘SpeedRacerFX’. But, I’ll leave the best to last, a more up to date version of ‘Alien Fish Finger’. I know there is already a pirated version of this going round on the boards but that is in fact an early version of the game lacking good sound, and is full of spelling errors. So, it will be nice to get the true finished version out for people to play.

I hope this is all good news for you all. I promise you, they are on the way, starting with ‘HydroZone’. I’ll post back when I have something to show.
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