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Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
-Removing the Amiga 600 internal floppy drive is going to be an option or a requirement? I'm not planning to use the Indivision ECS at this point and I would like to keep the disk unit at its place.

-If the floppy unit is not taken away, could there be heat issues when using the Amiga 600 for a long time? As I mentioned a few pages ago, I pretend to carry my Amiga 600 to local retro-gaming parties where It could be expected to be turned on for a whole evening or even a whole day.
Without Indivision ECS, the floppy drive still fits. We still need to wait for the final black-anodized heatsinks to make the final tests. The blank heatsink heats up a lot, but does not radiate enough heat for "completely closed operation" at the moment. Please wait for the final tests, probably happening late next week.

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