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Yes I too have fond memories of receiving disks from Crazy Joes, Blitterchips and Virus Free PD in the post. I had about 500 disks of pd disks as it was the cheapest way to get games as a school kid at the time. I think I also paid for them with Postal Orders as I was too young to have a bank account.

I ve read your other thread and didn't realise Amigakit had stopped stocking disks. I still see disks sold in Maplin but have nt checked that they would be suitable for Amiga, but think I will next time I am in. I have loads of used disks but they have a high fail rate when copying new data on them. What was the issue with covering the holes on the disk?

The site isnt about making money - there are no ads etc - it is very much about trying to showcase the great games rather than archive every pd game. It has been a joy to find and play games that I was unaware of.
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