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Flickering/disppearing cursor in Napalm running Amikit from Amiga Forever

I just bought Amiga Forever and have been trying out some Amiga CD games through Amikit. So far I have gotten games such as Quake and T-zero working pretty well. Right now I'm trying to get Napalm to work under UAE:640x480x8 graphic mode.

The game seems to run fine for the most part using UAE, but the cursor disappears at the title screen and flickers during gameplay. I can still use the cursor and play the game okay, but it would be nice to have it fixed. Using the PAL or NTSC low res or high res laced modes, the cursor works fine, so I'm thinking it has something to do with UAE.

I have tried updating Napalm to v1.4 and also have tried upgrading Picasso96 to 1.2c but nothing changed.

I was told that maybe looking into devs:monitors and using the uaegfx icon there to disable softsprites might help, but I encountered another problem when I did this. When I execute uaegfx through the shell I get this error: "could not create gfx board context for uaegfx." Looking around, this error seems to come about when no memory has been allocated for RTG in WinUAE, but obviously this is already in place and seems to work considering I can play games like Quake or T-zero.

I'm not really sure what else to do so I would appreciate any help.
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