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Originally Posted by wanderer View Post
Thanks. I'll be using it with a PC and WinUAE though. I'm just confused about the differences between an LCD-TV and a monitor, obviously apart from the TV's integrated tuner.
So presumably, most modern LCD TV's will do since they can all do 50Hz?

edit: I'm guessing WinUAE will be easier to use than to connect a real Amiga with a scandoubler. Should I look for sth. in particular in the TV's specs?
Ah. Hmm.. scandoubler? You can connect a real Amiga to a PAL LCD-TV.

Put simply, difference is: TV is for consoles, screens are for computers.

If it's for Workbench use, and you are only using WinUAE on a PC, any monitor will do. The BenQ thread is for connecting via scandoubler, which adds its own conversion to game graphics.

PC screen "always" syncs at 60Hz, so always choppy scrolling etc. "TV" has circuitry to convert video (not RGB) signals and display them correctly. Both "always" have problems changing all pixels in 1/50 seconds, even if they sync 50Hz.

There are 100Hz TVs, but monitors are "always" 120Hz.

The trick is finding the exceptions to "" above

There's absolutely no point in getting a 120Hz monitors, but if you can find a 100Hz one that would be interesting. Maybe (but far from sure) the monitor would then be able to change all pixels more rapidly (if not, 100Hz is humbug).

It's not hard to connect a real Amiga to a PAL TV though. But the trick there is finding one with good PAL circuitry. And that's usually not in the specs. But RGB scart+hfreq 15Khz+vfreq 50Hz in specs makes it a candidate.
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