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I'm running Workbench 3.1 on my A600 (kick 3.1, 2MB Chip RAM) and I want it to run as fast as possible.

Any patch or app I should run in startup-sequence to make it faster? Any other tips n' tricks?
So far I've changed the HDD buffers to 0 (256MB CF internal), changed screen colors to 2 (blue/white oldskool WB style), removed overscan, cleaned startup-sequence...
On boot I have 1.716.400 chip RAM left when the CF2PCMCIA adapter is inserted with a CF card
  • Consider moving Ram Disk to the HD. In my experience this has led to some disk corruption however on FFS...
  • Make CF0 optional (move to storage, leave icon on workbench desktop).
  • Consider removing buffers for unused drives (df0:, cc0: etc.)
  • Disable clipboard functionality and unused assigns.
  • Disable potential loading of unused devices (e.g. serial port) by moving the relevant files (serialport.device IIRC - haven't got my Amiga in front of me).
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