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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post

And what about producing an updated 060 accelerator like Rodolphe Czuba did with the CT60 on the Atari? You know it even has an option for a pci busboard that is being debugged as we speak.
I've seen those devices live at the Evoke party in August of this year. Unstable as hell. Bot those few minutes while it was running, it was nice to watch videos and even patched Amiga demos on an Atari ;-)

Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
The CT60 could run, with proper masked 060s at 100mhz (even 105mhz in some tests) and accepted 256MB of ddr ram. Last batch produced, was of 40 units and it costed 299 euros each.
Poor guy. If he'd do the math, he'd probably discover that he doesn't make any money on it, probably even not covering half of his time.

Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Could something like that, in your opinion be doable on Amiga?
Definitely not when I'm involved. I need to pay wages, taxes, I'm WEEE registered, I need to make a living myself, and I have a house to pay for. Further, I'd never give so many user options that cause a huge customer support mess: No SD-Ram socket, no PCI slots. Plain card with everything assembled and guaranteed, that's the only way to create hardware that works "no questions asked" and "no support required".

True plug&play is what I want to deliver, only this will give an experience that will make people come back to us. And I want people to come back to buy more, not to claim warranty or support for something they already have :-)

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