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Originally Posted by crazyegg View Post
Hi All,

Thank you all for your help in this matter.

Anyways, attached is my bootscreen with the QUIET option turned off. For some reason, it appears that the AmigaOS ROM 44.57 loaded 3 times?

Also attached is a printout of a shell screen showing that the AmigaOS ROM is indeed 44.57 and that the RAM-Handler is only 44.23 (and not the newer 44.24 from BB3).

Finally is attachment showing my startup-sequence. Any ideas as to why the RAM-Handler is not showing 44.24?

PS: Iforgot to add that I am running this on WinUAE with a A1200 3.1 ROM.

Thanks again!

You have the same problem I had.
Mine didnt like me shortening the names.

Change fs to filesystem, ram to ram-handler, workbench to workbench.library and icon to icon.library (In the skiprommodules line).
It should work fine then.
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