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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Back to accelerators: I don't like the PPC, and Hyperion, the Friedens and Trevor know that by now. I like my classic with a 68k, and if there's ever going to be something "next generation" from my side, it's going to be totally different. So different, that it requires quite some money to be developed, so if there's the mystical investor out there who is willing to spend some serious money - the Individual Computers team is first in line :-)

I agree, AmigaOS would be in a much much better position today if it hadn't jumped on the PPC wagon

Just think about all that wasted effort developing tools, code and hardware. I think without PPC, we might have seen a 100Mhz 060 back in the day and OS4 would be on x86 by now.

As I've said before, it's very unlikley that classics will ever get a 100Mhz 060 card, the future lies with FPGA softcores. Don't forget that a FPGA computer developed today with modern memory could be much faster than a 18 year old computer (even one with a 80Mhz 060 installed in it).

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