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Originally Posted by phipscube View Post
I think he meant the very small new batch that came in a few months ago (I was one of the lucky ones that nabbed one)
That was no "production run" - it was part of the safety stock. That's the units we keep in stock in order to serve warranty claims where the unit cannot be repaired for whatever reason. We reduced this safety stock to a minimum and shipped a few units to Vesalia and AmigaKit - merely to serve waiting customers. I did't expect that advertising such a small quantity would even make sense.

Back to accelerators: I don't like the PPC, and Hyperion, the Friedens and Trevor know that by now. I like my classic with a 68k, and if there's ever going to be something "next generation" from my side, it's going to be totally different. So different, that it requires quite some money to be developed, so if there's the mystical investor out there who is willing to spend some serious money - the Individual Computers team is first in line :-)

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