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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Amiga scene sucks. End of story
Don't worry, there'll be a 'C64 retro wave' (such as last couple years) for Amiga, in time. But admittedly it's kind of hard and strange, since Amiga wasn't quite bad enough to be fully retro. If you *can* use the OS and enjoy it, if the games aren't mainly 'flick the sprite left, press jump THIS 1/50th second', and if you can create wonderful sound and graphics, it's right there in the kind of no man's land between camp and pro.

There's a big step between a photo and pixelgraphics, mp3 and SID song on C64, but on Amiga the difference is quite small.

One pillar of hope is the demoscene, where there are at least a few guys who know the limitations of the hardware and therefore can appreciate the efforts and magic of releases a cut above the rest. They (we) are one major source of renewal.

If it helps you any, the authors of Hybris/Battle Squadron are coming to Datastorm 2011. Compare that with the C64 scene. I doubt they'd get Archer MacLean, Rob Hubbard, Jeff Minter, or Andrew Braybrook to come to a demoparty. Even if I'd love that and be sure to show up at that party

Or maybe do some Amigastuff for the scene? That always cheers me up
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