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Watch out for the lion!

Actually, many Adobe applications are fullscreen (but in a not too well thought out way) already Both on Mac and other platforms.

This topic is quite scary, actually. Not 1 hour before coming home from work (coding iPhone apps on Mac, unrelated but anyway) I thought about 'usability' in an OS.

Juggling 17 partially overlapping windows is not really 'productive', even with a dock (which beats Alt-Tab any day). It just makes you less focused while giving the illusion of 'having it all in view'. Which could be partially possibly with a 2560px wide screen like the work computer. But, like, it still doesn't help. All that happens is that you keep windows open that you don't need, cos you're too lazy to re-open them and put them in their place. (So to speak.)

Fullscreen applications is not a bad idea at all, especially if they work like on Amiga (each have their own screen) instead of like Photoshop (app window is fullscreen and blocks everything behind it, except sometimes, and it has its own little playground of windows that somehow belong to the app and not the OS.)

That, coupled with a few small panels for time, mp3 player, status, etc (WITH NO POPUPS) would be optimal. In my very well educated opinion.
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