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I was quite taken by the PSP version of Afterburner -

I have to admit - I found most home computers and consoles woe-full in their impressions of after burner - yeah the Megadrive and Amiga were good - but I am an arcade purist to be honest -

hence why I have HUGE issues with home versions of r-type!

so for the time spent telling me about the game I feel I should give something back.


1. A lot of passion and memorabilia was shown for the game.
2. Lots of screenies and clips of multiple versions - of which a good dedication to the biggest home ports
3. A good shot of the machine loading and storing mechanisms - from carts - tapes - disks and CD's
4. A good level of knowledge show about the game
5. Good commentary and fair views of the product

Possible improvements

1. Slow down the speed of the speach - I know the tube is limmited to 10 minutes but it would be better to do two parts.
2. A little more Base in the microphone - the top end is a litte tinny.

Other than that - great stuff!!!!!

Theres lots of multi-platform games and I think in a lot of ways you have found a niche of games reviews. - exploiting the multi-platform approach of games -

As mentioned before I am also looking forward to a Street Fighter 2 review - perhaps a Double Dragon or Ikari Warriors.

I know the guys (and girls) over at retro-gammer will welcome the review - and would provide honest feed back for what you are doing right and how to improve other areas.

I suppose the most important thing to ensure it that you enjoy your reviews =D

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