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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I believe that the 68030 is the best compromise between compatibility and speed. Most games don't work with 040/060, so such a "high end" thing would not only be insanely expensive (way more logic and the overpriced CPU itself), but you'd always need a secondary machine with a slower processor. Those apps that really require some CPU horsepower run perfectly (and a lot faster) on emulation.

Remember that these accelerators were created in order to give a descent amount of memory to the Amiga for a reasonable price. Speed is not the target - it's mainly memory. The faster speed is a positive side-effect.

That's a shame :-( , a lot of us already own 030 accelerators. For new users who are looking for a cheap accel/memory combo, these cards are great. For existing 030 owners, not so much of an upgrade.

As for emulation, what applies to apps, also applies to games. Those of us who own real amigas and are looknig for accelerators, are generally looking to go as fast as we can.

When it comes to 030 being more compatible, I thought WHDload fixes a lot of those problems?
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