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Originally Posted by crazyegg View Post

Thanks for your reply! I have tried SKIPROMMODULES too without success...

The main problem that I am having is that Ram-Handler is not loaded to the newest 44.24 version.

I have installed BB1 and BB2 successfully. After BB3 is installed, everything boots up good except that Ram-Handler is still 44.23 and not the expected 44.24 version.

Question: I may be missing somehting here but do I have to do anything manually perhaps for Ram-Handler to make it install 44.24?

Still sounds like you aint edited the startup-sequence right.
Boing Ball 3, expects you to manually add the exact lines it tells you, before it finishes installing.
Im guessing you skipped this bit and thought NOROMUPDATE or SKIPROMMODULES would make it work.

Post your startup-sequence
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