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Originally Posted by crazyegg View Post
Hi All,

I have just installed a clean version of AmigaOS 3.9 booting from the Emergency Disk. I am having some issues with the BB updates.

Below are the following steps I took to do the BB updates:

*Installed BB1 and rebooted
*Installed BB2 and rebooted
*Changed my setpatch line in the startup-sequence to read "SetPatch NOROMUPDATE"
*Installed BB3 and modified the LoadModule and SetPatch lines as instructed.

Everything boots up fine and appears normal EXCEPT:

When I type "version AmigaOS ROM Update" in the shell, I get "bad number". Is this normal?

Also, my Ram-Handler version is still 44.23. I thought BB3 updated this to 44.24?

Any ideas?

You dont setpatch NOROMUPDATE.
You setpatch skiprommodules, it explains while installing BB3 / BB4.

Basically, what you doing at the moment, is skipping all rom updates and not even loading the updated modules from BB1 or BB2.
BB3 tells you to do it in the startup-sequence by replacing setpatch line with something like this example;

LoadModule DEVS:scsi.device NOREBOOT

My A4000T one used to look like this;
C:LoadModule L:FastFileSystem L:Ram-Handler L:Shell-Seg LIBS:icon.library L:CacheCDFS NOREBOOT
C:SetPatch SKIPROMMODULES filesystem,ram-handler,shell,icon.library,CacheCDFS QUIET

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