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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
for the love of god, you must be joking! That lump of junk belongs in the trash - old idea + Apple marketing = population craze. Same old Apple.
Haha yes yes, same Apple crud. but they have started up a market that really didn't exist before, and now a lot of the other companies are jumping on the band wagon. Samsung, Blackberry etc. Personally I am not sure what advantage the have over a PC, but that isn't the point I was making. I was saying if you are going to put the name of Amiga onto something, then make it something that will grab headlines.

Reaching briefly into other threads, Commodore USA has already said it will use the Amiga name, and has been saying so for some time, yet no mainstream media has batted an eyelid. Why? because its just a PC. IF it was truely something outstanding, and new, then maybe it would grab a technology headline or two, or even more mainstream.

As for what else said, I would say that every big company started small once, maybe just as an idea. Still with such positive attitudes, how could we fail eh
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