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AmigaOS 3.9 BB ROM Update Error & Ram-Handler Not Updating 44.24

Hi All,

I have just installed a clean version of AmigaOS 3.9 booting from the Emergency Disk. I am having some issues with the BB updates.

Below are the following steps I took to do the BB updates:

*Installed BB1 and rebooted
*Installed BB2 and rebooted
*Changed my setpatch line in the startup-sequence to read "SetPatch NOROMUPDATE"
*Installed BB3 and modified the LoadModule and SetPatch lines as instructed.

Everything boots up fine and appears normal EXCEPT:

When I type "version AmigaOS ROM Update" in the shell, I get "bad number". Is this normal?

Also, my Ram-Handler version is still 44.23. I thought BB3 updated this to 44.24?

Any ideas?

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