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Valhalla didn't die, they were absorbed into Skid Row.

I would say the intro is simply one put on by a group of spreaders, they are not a cracking group at all.

In the early days of Amiga, it was quite common for 'importers' of cracks to put their own intro onto someone elses crack as they would have been the ones responsible for downloading it from Europe and introducing the crack to Australia for instance, and would have mail traded the game on and probably sold the copies as well to lamers desperate to get their hands on the latest games.

This looks just like that kind of intro.

Jamie Starr was a spreader if I remember correctly, so would have been a good member for Defjam or Valhalla to have as they would have been responsible for ensuring their cracks were spread internationally.

Obviously once there was a proliferation of modems, this practice died out as Paradox, Fairlight, Skid Row, Crystal etc had dedicated members would ensure their versions were spread around so quickly, that no separate spreading group would be able to put their intro on anything.
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