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Originally Posted by skateblind View Post
Team mates calling me a noob when they are even worse. It seems that the ones shouting noob are usually the worst players.
I gave up with PSN due to abusive, mouthy little brats! They're not even old enough to play half the games in the first place! I used to be a big PC multiplayer nut but i find myself on XBL more often now as most of my friends game over XBL instead of their PC's... there's still some abuse but i find the players to be more mature compared to the little kids on PSN.

It's unfortunate that the same players will always bump into me and get killed by me.... and then the abuse starts because they are crap at playing

Oh and i used to absolutely hate the idea of playing 1st person shooters on a console with a pad.... but now it's almost become second nature! It seems way to easy just using a keyboard and mouse now
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