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Originally Posted by Locash View Post
Dune 2 was graphicly better and more responsive on the PC (I did play the Amiga version on an a600 with 2mb chip, assume the 1200 version might be quicker), the Soundblaster FM synth music was dire compared to the miggy version though.
What? DuneII is a perfect example, where even the music wins... The Amiga music had an atmosphere, but so had the PC version, and it featured several soundtracks, and even different more racy tracks for "action" situations, like "Warning, Worm signs!", etc.
And dire? The DuneII Soundtrack is an example, how great midi can sound. I hope you didn't listen to it with Windows General Midi support. -.-
Listening to the same piece of sample over and over again really got boring, so even if I would like the one track on the Amiga better, it wouldn't still loose the comparison those several PC tracks for me.

The PC version got better balancing, too. I still remember building blocks of nine rocket towers, that weren't able to take down ONE FRICKIN ORNITHOPTER for 15 minutes!
This won't happen on the PC.

I like TurricanII on the Amiga better, but this is just for the personal taste in graphic style, as music, sound, and game play are just the same.
I even prefer the C64 version to the Amiga version due to "better gameplay"... not the scrolling or controlling, but just small differences in level design, etc. I'm listening to Amiga Hülsbeck music, while playing it, though...

And then there is Pinball Fantasies... I don't know, if the AGA version handles this right, but in OCS, there is a possibility in Stones'n Bones for the ball to get spit from the vault (Or kick back) right into the abyss. Damn, this is frustrating, just wrong! My MsDos version never did that to me. And it has the 5 million Loop combo, when shooting the left yellow ramp first (not the vault), going then into the scream ramp, and from there to the left lane...
Music is just the same.
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