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Its not a bad idea, you can get game names easily by doing a listing in some dir that contains the tosec files As for getting the information for each game .. OUCH ... this is where it would get messy, not every website would have all the information on each game and there exists also the problem that not every website will have the same type of information on the game either. Therefore your database would have different information on different games .. not a nice look.

Its truely a hard task, and once you get it all working, your going to need some sort of for loop that goes thru all the game names and hunts all the websites..20,000 or more times.. thats a lot of web time.

Once you have collected and burnt that CD with the game database... the web keeps on evolving with better databases so you'd need to keep on running it ... ARG.. its really a headache..

simple solution, I just go to:

over 1000 amiga game reviews, simple and nice resource.

I think the best solution would be to scan/OCR all the amiga mag reviews, just like Tim is doing here:
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