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MS-DOS? Not only that format, the Amiga beats X-Box360, PS3 and Wii imo. I don't have a closed mind either as I've played all three and got bored within 10 minutes. The Amiga doesn't need fancy graphics or 1000-bit music, what it does have is gameplay in spades which has never been bettered.

There is something more than nostalgia with the Amiga, it's an experience. An experience I've never felt since Christmas 1990 when buying a computer system. Put a fully loaded modern day PC with liquid cooled nitrogen, 5TB harddrive, i7 Core next to an Amiga 500 with 1MB ram and I'd pick the 500 all day long.

in the next series of my Mind has been taken over by the Amiga we explore the darker side of the Amiga experience by delving into the mind of doommaster!

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