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Hi Dreedo,

Its no trouble to answer your questions, so don't worry

I'm guessing this is for your A600 right?

If you want to play WHDLoad games on your A600 you will need a Ram expansion, I don't think any games will run from 1mb Ram so you'll need at least a 1mb Chip Ram upgrade. This fits in the trapdoor and unless you get an A603 you won't need to open your A600 to fit it.

However even with 2mb Ram not many games will run, just your 1 disk games from the A500 days so you'll probably want a 2mb SRAM card, this fits in the PCMCIA port and will give you a total of 4mb Ram enough to play many WHDLoad games

But this does to start to get expensive once you take in to account these upgrades you may be better off getting an A1200 and an 8mb Ram upgrade if you can afford that as it will give you a much better WHDLoad experience and you'll be able to enjoy AGA games as well.

Now to fit a hard drive you will need to open your Amiga, on the A600 there are 4 screws to remove underneath and the case unclips, but do this carefully and be also aware that the LED cables can easily break so you need to take care and unclip those as you are taking the case apart. Next step is to locate the IDE header and install you CF card or HDD.

For preparing the CF or HDD prior to install I suggest using WinUAE, at some point I really must write a step by step guide for this, but if you decide after reading all the above you want to go ahead we can cover it here.

Also, you will need at least 37.300 Rom on your A600 to run a CF-IDE or HDD and even then some larger drives require 37.350 - you can tell what revision you have from the Disk Splash screen.

Hope that helps,

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