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Here are some games that I can think about...

- prince of persia (Amiga version was slloowww)
- Pinball Illusions (didn't have a chance to play other ports but this one is perfect: perfect scrolling when run under true DOS, same music,...)
- Furry of the Furries: perfect scrolling
- Flashback
- AnotherWorld (I would say this one is on par)
- All adventure/RPG that were released on both but came with 256 colours, more animations, faster,... on the PC (LucasArts classics: Monkey Island 1/2, Indy series, Eye of the Beholder, King's Quest VI, Innocent until Caught, Future Wars, Simon, Beneath (although the Amiga version was a wonderful assembly port: fast and beautiful,...)
- James Pond 2
- Some Team17 ports also came with perfect scrolling/animation but I don't remember about the Music (Project X, SuperFrog,...)... close to on par again

I guess that by 91-93 most PC games had superior graphics/animation but choppy scrolling and not so good sound but from 94 PC was much better for everything... And you didn't have to choose between music *or* sound as you did in a lot of Amiga games.

If you look carefully at the history, from 92 lots of games were PC-only (simulations, Alone in the Dark,.. lots of nice games that couldn't be developped for the Amiga) while other games had PC port. The market was already lost.

At this time I was a big Amiga fan and only recently I discovered all the gems I couldn't play because I was so close-minded... But better late than never
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