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Originally posted by Fissuras
@Akira: I wonder where do you get those lovely machines... do you bring them from abroad? E-bay?
Indeed. When the argentinian peso was equal to 1 dollar, I bought most of my babies off eBay. Imported stuff from the UK, Germany, the US and Japan! Even from Brazil! Today the prices are prohibitive and I stopped buying shit off eBay It's quite an advantage to use eBay, you know as well as me how rare these machines are in South America!
Do you know how much would it be to send these babies to South America?
Pretty penny, let me tell you! Depends much on what you want to ship but, for example, the SX-64 would have costed 130 dollars to ship over here by airmail (she weighs around 20 kilo). That's why I never shipped it over here! My uncle brought it with him. That is one of my advantages, I send stuff to my family's house in the US, and whenever someone comes they bring something over here. It helps to reduce shipping costs (if you are not way impatient to receive some machines. I waited 2 years for the +4 and 1 for the SX64), and it also lets you buy more stuff, because some sellers wouldn't want to ship internationally. So I potentially can buy ANYTHING being auctioned in the US.

You could also consider surface shipping but I dont recommend it because it takes too damned long. If you are gonna ship it your way, ship it right Most I paid for shipping is for my MSX2... 9000 Yen!

Most of the machines I shipped over here were great buys.. for example, i paid like 15 dollars for my Spectrum+3... but with shipping it went up to 40 dollars. This was STILL a very reasonable price (they were selling one of those locally for 300 dollars! nutz!). I recommend you trying to score mega cheap machines if you are expecting to pay lots for shipping. Once you did a couple of transactions you will be able to calculate your total investment (And having handy the sites of each country's postal services is very helpful)
I want to join the club and say... "Nothing Beats The Real Thing"... snif... I am tired of being called a lamulator lover...
That is the attitude!! you are on the right track!!!
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