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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Now it's when I discover why I should have left more threads and posts here. Yesterday (7 months after I bought my first Amiga) I discovered some people weren't at A-org (and why). (I will stay there still, of course).

Today I have just left a Thread here (and A-org) of WTB an Indivision Aga: I will tell I'm waiting for it for several months (they were supossed to be for sale on september) and when I knew Individual Computers were into the new accelerators, I thought the new Indivisions for A1200 won't be for sale till around June.

One simple question: Must I wait for the new ones or must I go for a second hand one (if any want to give his opinion)?

EDIT: Well, I have to add I'll be buying one of the new accelerators when they'll be for sale too.
I have 3 of the A1200 indivision boards, i'll sell one to you but only for my cost which would be the cost of what i paid at Amigakit plus $40 customs and the shipping costs.
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