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Let me introduce myself: I'm an spanish guy that had a Commodore 64 as a dream to have around 27 years ago (I'm 41), and that had to stay with a 48k Spectrum. I bought a broken C64 last year as a replacement for my PC keyboard using the Keirah card, but I began to search in Google and started to search in english how to repair it, and I did. After some months I discovered the Amiga, which I never had. I have been only since march making progress with it (and my english). I've installed an internal Cd drive, 3 Cf configurations in different and large HD, modified standard PSU, Subway and a B1260. I don't have much time here, but the longer I stay, the more I love the Amiga scene.

I only tell all this to let you know it's a pleasure to know someone who is making so much for this great experience that the Amiga gives.

But... about the people like me that is waiting (won't ask for the Clone-A, and sorry for my knowledges about it, all I know is what I read) for so long time... How do the new Indivisions are going? They are now stopped for the accelerators, aren't they?

Thanks, and a pleasure.

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