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Originally Posted by CKay View Post
So far I've ripped Reality Paint, MegaMacMap-Slider, "8 Way Scrolling Platform" Skeleton disk, demo's of both Egor games and sometime this wee hopefully I'll swap machines again and make a start on ripping the 6 Art, Music and Sound disks although these were a bit flaky the last time I had a look at them about 10 years ago and keep looking for those other disk boxes of course.
Hi Cal,

If you find you have trouble reading any of those disks, you are welcome to send them to me. I have about 20 external Amiga floppy drives which between them are capable of reading anything but truly corrupted disks.

This method has a better chance of success with 'flaky' disks than using disk recovery software.

I would, of course, return them to you afterwards.
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