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Originally Posted by roberthazelby View Post
I've really enjoyed getting these two packages uploaded. Peter's been a continual source of help and encouragement.

I hope you enjoy the extra bits I added such as the map scans and notes for Numpty (along with the 'sampler' disk), and the registration letter for Beetle.

I'm just pleased that I'm getting some use out of my Amiga again, and that these disks and their accompanying documentation have a chance at being preserved.
Finally got around to playing a bit more of Beetle today and it's a great game - really need to get this entered into the Hall of Light I feel - I will make some notes as to game details and ask Cody (very nicely of course) to get some screen shots - the additional info that Rob has provided will also add some interest to the entry. Great stuff - Thanks again Rob!!

I need more time to play these games and do these things!!!
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