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Reality is written in AMOS so the standard AMOS music format, which I forget, although depending on who coded the different skeleton disks (AFAIK only Brian and myself produced any skeleton disks for the package but he left the scene, and sadly I did too) then some of them can use MODS, mine do at least, not sure if any of Brian's did?

As well as what people have mentioned (Art dis, etc)... there were actually 6 Art Disks, 6 Sound Disks and 6 Music Disks (in fact thinking about it the Music Disks were choc full of MODs so Brian must have added support too in at least 1 of his Skeleton disks)

There's also updated versions of some of the software that Brian never got to use including MegaMacMap-Slider with slider bars and zoom to see whole level at once etc, Reality Paint to replace the crap one that was included and other improvements like hypertext style help built into some of the stuff... As well as the Platform Skeleton disk, I have the start of a Space Invaders/ Galaxian Skeleton disk that I never finished and some other odds and bobs.

I've still got the source code and all the disks and have started ripping them (a mate had an old machine with two floppy's on one cable, yay ), although have only come across certain stuff so far (I had about 12 disk boxes with 80 disks in each and have only found 5 so far, but I'll upload when I have found a few more things )

So far I've ripped Reality Paint, MegaMacMap-Slider, "8 Way Scrolling Platform" Skeleton disk, demo's of both Egor games and sometime this wee hopefully I'll swap machines again and make a start on ripping the 6 Art, Music and Sound disks although these were a bit flaky the last time I had a look at them about 10 years ago and keep looking for those other disk boxes of course.

I managed to make proper 50fps and 60fps video rips of the two Egor games last night, took me 2 hours of trying, lol, uploaded them to YouTube but it doesn't play them smooth or at full framerate sadly, they don't really show what could be done with the Skeleton and I've always been crap at gameplay mechanics and they are stupidly fast and hard, but if anyone's interested here's the links.

Egor's Quest on an A600 at 60fps NTSC
[ Show youtube player ]

Egor In Toyland on an A500 at 50fps PAL
[ Show youtube player ]

btw, I didn't now at the time that I was using ripped
graphics from Gods as I'd never played it, can't believe
this but I actually tried to get the demo of Egor's Quest
on an Amiga Action coverdisk, good job for me they never
did, lol, don't know where the graphics for the other Egor
game are from, I just pulled 'em off the Art Disks hehe

anyway, hopefully we can end up with a complete Reality
pack sometime soon, be good to see anyone make new
Amiga games using it (I have a dis somewhere with a game
some lad made using my Platform Skeleton, had nice graphics IIRC)


P.S. if anyone has an email to use I could try and email some stuff over later on tonight?
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