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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
Also nobody seems to have an answer for PC package with batch functions that saves out in HAM6 format or EHB either. Can't even find a package that saves a single HAM image on the PC one by one.
For this you should use ImageFX on the Amiga/WinUAE.

2 years ago I did some experiments to play HAM8 movie (say to render frame sequences). I made a 5 sec frame capture while playing a DVD movie on my pc with KMPlayer. I saved all the frames (+100 pics).
Then I transfered all the pics to my Amiga and used ImageFX to convert them to 800x120 or something like that (do not remember correctly) in Super HiRes HAM8, to get the equivalent of a ~200x120 (each pixel being divided by 4 to reduce HAM fringing).
And then I loaded each converted pics with True Brilliance, as a +100 frames animation, and played it at around 12/16 fps.

I remember being stunned by the quality : no compression artifacts, no HAM fringing, quite sharp and colored image, it was a great enjoyment !
But it was basicaly an animation, without audio, of course.
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