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Oh, we are talking about heading after a good cross in a corner kick Yeah, that I could do most of the time in SWOS too Its IMPOSSIBLE to do that in the PC version, because the player dont shoot the ball hard enough. And I agree with blackcornflake, even athoulgh you can get 100% on target efforts, sometimes the keeper would defend the ball.

One thing I remember doing in Sensi Internatinal, and I am not sure if it was possible to do in SWOS was to make a short straight pass , say, if the corner was taking in the right side, I would make a short pass to the left, then the guy would receive the ball nearly getting out of bounds. I would SHOOT to left, and add some aftertouch to the direction of the goal. The ball would end up in the back of the net at the opposite direction most of the time. Then it was an amazing replay to watch
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