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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
I dont see how a standard A500 could play 320x216@30fps
Dump the uncompressed 32k screen from I/O device direct into screen memory location. Do it 24x a second. To be honest you need an ICD Ad-IDE or Zorro based SCSI/IDE adaptor to do it and a decent RPM speed drive to avoid delays seeking the data.

Probably looking at 320x180 which would give you roughly 16:9 widescreen...which all movie/TV is transmitted in now too. 2.35:1 probably 320x145 rez.

The problem is nobody ever had any info to help me with how to stream interleaved audio/video data so it went nowhere. You can't even get a dummies guide to how AVI works using google and I gave up.

Also nobody seems to have an answer for PC package with batch functions that saves out in HAM6 format or EHB either. Can't even find a package that saves a single HAM image on the PC one by one.

ATARI STs manage 8-10FPS with crappy MFM 15mb drives in 1986 in 320x200 uncompressed 16 colour screens.
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