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Originally Posted by chiark View Post
Well, there's a turnup for the books: Apple has just innovated!

The new OS - Lion, available Summer 2011 - will have better support for full screen apps. And multiple apps can be running that have a screen all to themselves. And you can switch between them.

Only took them 25 years: well done chaps!

(Admittedly, the Mission Control mechanism for switching looks cool, and it appears that there's no menu bar on the apps: they ought to have innovated menus that only appear when you need them

There were some damn good ideas in Workbench...
This has been possible on PC's since XP days in 2002. The problem is nobody bothered to write any full screen serious software.

Anyway neither Windows or OS X can show two completely different screen modes at the same time like the pull down screen/background feature of WB 0.9 to 3.1 so they still have more work to do
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