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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post

That can't be right, are you sure you're using the exe that's in the Zone? It should look completely different to the old version of scum, it now has a nice orange gui when you start it and is labeled version 1.2.

I've uploaded a Sam and Max demo file to the zone for you to try, I've tested this with my ScummVM AGA exe and it works fine (without any graphical glitches), unfortunately this demo doesn't feature the intro though.
I am such an idiot, when copying over the old one I must have pressed skip files. So I WAS running the old version lol.

Really sorry about that.

Love the GUI on this, my sam and max runs ok with this one as well. It is a little bit slow but I know you said its not fully setup. I had no screen tearing at all.

I did have one issue, I only had a black pointer for a cursor instead of the proper game one.

I was really happy to see Sam and Max working on the miggy. I knew it was possible

Is there any other list of games that can be tried just for fun?

Thanks very much for letting me try this. I am stuck now, do I play through Sam And Max or do I wait for a final release hehe.

Also re the memory issue, I lost 1 meg after quitting out, is this what you mean?

Thank you again
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