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this thread is about the accelerators, not Indivision.

Unfortunately, Indivision ECS is substantially different from any other flickerfixer, even Indivision AGA. While Indivision AGA takes it's input from the Lisa output, Indivision ECS takes it's input directly from the chip bus, bypassing the Denise. This gives us the unique opportunity to also talk to the flickerfixer's infrastructure directly with the CPU. This data path does not exist on the AGA models, so neither C2P, nor direct Framebuffer access can be done. All gfx data has to take the re-route through chipmem. However, the new FPGA of Indivision AGA MK2 is most probably large enough for Graffiti emulation, so a chunky screen with 256 colours maintaining 7MB/s access speed to chipmem is more than possible.

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