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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
That's strange, the version I uploaded to the Zone has no problem with the graphics in Sam and Max on my AGA WinUAE setup (it even plays Full Throttle). Can you upload some pics of the graphic issues your having with it?

Also, what is the speed and screen tearing like with this build on your 030? It's not speed optimized yet but for something like the full throttle intro it will only get about 10% quicker.

I've still got to get the double buffered code working so it will 'tear' a bit at the moment.

It might even be your copy of Sam and Max, you can download a new demo here ->
Hey m8

OK, graphic glitches are exactly the same as is my 2nd post. It seems to be a tad bit slow and does have screen tearing on the intro. I can see the two characters and they move fine speed wise but with a black background.

Now I understand when you say it could well be my sam and max. But the demo download has no 000 file to load? My sam and max has a 000 file but from the demo it only has .exe files. (version of scummvm always looks for 000)

Am I missing something and there is away to convert the .exe files to 000? or maybe its as simple as renaming them.

Your DOTT runs fantastic on this machine.

Thanks for your help
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