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Where to find a good list of games with copylocks?

Just need to determine for instance which games use RNC and which use Protec, and whatever else. For the time being I'm assuming any game with a non-copyable track 1 (or between $1600 and $2BFF in hex terms) is the sign of an RNC copylock, unless people can confirm that this could represent anything at all?

I'm unsure about the method in which I'm IDing games this way, since Codetapper points out in his Bubble Bobble WHDLoad readme that one or two versions use Protec while another uses RNC, and all versions on SPS (except the Budget release) have a non-copyable track 1 (as evidenced by the TDIC tag left behind by WWarp).

I'm aware the Action! site has a list of protected games on the Rob Northen interview page, but I'm not quite sure how accurate it actually is (I mean, Qwak???).
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