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Originally Posted by voxel View Post
@illy5603 : it seems you haven't read my answer to carl on his blog,

and I've never said to anyone that I actually have a museum but that I'm trying to collect everything that's ever been produced for the Amiga to set one up for the community.
that's a big goal, takes plenty of space, time and money but I know that I can succeed.

last thing : the same day I spoke with Carl, I asked him to sponsor the museum and Carl has accepted it.
It's time for a reality check (and please don't take this personally) - you are living in cloud cuckoo land. I cannot imagine a 'museum' soley for the Amiga surviving for more than 6 months. Those museums in America/Europe have items which were either one-offs or have a unique place in history. The Amiga is not an Eniac, Cray or IBM 360 for example....
Whilst the Amiga is 'special' in its own rights you would need to offer a variety of systems, not just Amiga to keep the public interested.

Who are your sponsers?
What are your yearly running costs vs. footfall (research?) - don't forget your public liability insurance as well and the global recession meaning people are making trips out less and less to places of interest etc...
How are you going to market the museum for people around the world?

Sorry, but the Amiga is not yet a 'dinosaur' so doesn't really belong in a museum. I'd rather look at detailed pictures than paying upto £500 to go and see an Amiga prototype!

Those people who went to Amiwest are the kind of folk who are passionate about Amiga. Why didn't you go in the interests of your planned museum/Amiga legacy?

This kind of reminds me of a shop that's opened in our run down town selling milkshakes...

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