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Originally Posted by voxel View Post
@illy5603 : it seems you haven't read my answer to carl on his blog,

and I've never said to anyone that I actually have a museum but that I'm trying to collect everything that's ever been produced for the Amiga to set one up for the community.
that's a big goal, takes plenty of space, time and money but I know that I can succeed.

last thing : the same day I spoke with Carl, I asked him to sponsor the museum and Carl has accepted it.
Sure, I read your reply but it doesn't change the fact that Carl was more comfortable driving it 50 miles to offer these to a community of people with passion and respect for his work than he was packaging it for shipment to a shop owner in France that he doesn't even remember talking to.

There are plenty of established computer museums in the United States that will probably end up with these now verses them molding in Carl's basement or vanishing off to some museum in Europe that doesn't exist yet.

Sorry, it all still sounds like sour grapes to me.
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