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Part 1 - getting the right start

Money aside, I would consider buying a PAL CD32 - you can use your US CD32 PSU with it - so look for a cheap PAL one without PSU.

Part 2 - converting PAL to NTSC -

This is actually quite simple - you can spend a few bucks getting a CRT/TFT tuner for about $50 - this will take a PAL signal and convert it to VGA - XVGA - this output you plumb into your LCD's / CRT VGA monitors

CRT/TFT to VGA tuner for $38 (free postage)

Remember to ask the seller for a PAL unit (NOT NTSC) this way your PAL CD32 will work with it

with your PAL CD32 you can use the SVideo port out to the SVideo port in on the VGA tuner.

A bonus with the CRT/TFT tuner is the fact it de-interlaces and upscales the images to any VGA screen size you get -

like say you put the Tuner device in 1024x768 - every screen from the amiga (640x256 or even 1280x512) will be de-interelaced (flicker fixed) and scaled up/down for the 1024x768 VGA dimension.

I have this combo at home and its pretty damn awesome!
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