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Proud Owner of a Amiga CD32 need a little help.

Well i have been a Avid Commodore User and Big supporter since the C-64 days, Recently i got a Amiga cd32 ( NTSC VERSION ) in Trade for some work i did. I have wanted one for a long time but always heard about NTSC System problems with most of the games, I have bunch of software and luckily some games work without a problem, I have multiple Lcd tvs and even a Panasonic AE2000U projector in my movie theater i can hook this upto but of course they are all NTSC. So the question is after much confusing research ( GOOGLE hehe ) is there a definitive aswer to get this to work with Pal software, I dont care about the money i just want to re-live my youth playing most of these games. Thanks in advance guys
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