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Yeah, didn't see what all the fuss was about tbh...

Kinda felt like using a gui with one hand tied behind your back, so I guess the Workbench comparison is fair enough lol (for these days).

Not even particularly fast either. I was surprised after reading about this aspect of it. This is comparing like for like hardware too.

I tell you what it felt like. You know really crap documentaries, the ones that seem to be aimed at 5 year olds that have been smacked on the head ... very dumbed down .... kinda like that :P (let me hold your hand through this.... arrrgh)

Kinda pretty I guess but imo Windows 7 pisses all over it, and then some. Even had to resort to a third party app to sort the mouse speed out - I mean come on...

Oh, was using it because of Logic Pro 9, which to be fair is an old Win app that Apple have taken and made pretty good now.
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