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Originally Posted by Oliver_A View Post
Work in progress

ADoom Shareware in 1024x768 256 colours on Indivision ECS and the upcoming ACA630.

I'm currently adding Indivision GFX support to ADoom and I thought you might be interested in comparing some performance figures. First, ADoom using etra halfbrite chunky 2 planar routine in 320x200, 64 colours:

One frame takes 71731 us to render. Now compare this to the Indivision GFX direct chunky graphics mode in 320x200, 256 colours:

Hiya Oliver,

This is very interesting. Can you tell us more about this. Is this going to be a new native chunky screen mode? If so are you going to patch the OS API's to use it (eg writeChunkyPixels)? In otherwords how to you use it in a game?

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