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Hey there, Evan! Welcome back into the fold, you've picked a good time to come back to the Amiga scene, it seems more alive now than it has in years! I hope your dad didn't throw out any good stuff, Amiga hardware still sells pretty well.

Where abouts in Australia are you? We've got our own Australian Amiga Users Group here on EAB, so don't forget to join: and if you want, you can plot yourself on the global Amiga users map:

What kind of things do you want to do with your Amigas? I use mine for all sorts of things other than games, they're pretty fun to use online if you're not interested in browsing modern websites with it. There's heaps of new software to try out, we even have Twitter and MSN clients for OS3! And there's this online Bomberman-style game you've got to try out called Dynamite, where you can battle with a group of friends on the net.
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