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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Can you actually do much work/gaming on the sx-64 with that little screen?
Yes. I am impressed by the little screen!!! Nevertheless, you can hook up a TV or monitor to it if you feel like it so absolutely no loss!
I wasnt impressed with the +4 when it was new either, wasnt that much different then a c64 except for case design, some enhancements (or incompatabilities depending on your viewpoint) and built in apps.
I don't agree. The +4 has a vastly improved BASIC (almost as good as the C128's Basic 7), and a lot more colors can be displayed on-screen at once. However it was still underpowered in comparison to the C64 (the poor TED was left to do everything from audio to video to I/O!), but still a very nice machine IMO! if C= would have made a +4/C64 hybrid, they would have got an MSX2 killer.
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